About Us

Oil and Spice Company is a wholly owned family business. We are a totally independent small business, not bound by any exclusivity agreements with any of our suppliers.  Why is this important to you our customer? Because it allows Oil and Spice Company to source only the finest quality products from around the world.  All of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are certified a minimum of two times by licensed testing facilities, this extra testing ensures that you are receiving only the highest quality EV Olive Oil. Our flavored Balsamic Vinegar are based on our 25 Star Traditional Balsamic which is a mix of 80% Grape Must and 20% Wine Vinegar.

Our mission is to educate customers about the many health benefits and endless culinary possibilities of these all-natural premium products.

What makes us different

We offer the largest selection of flavors in both Olive Oil and Balsamic than any other local merchant in Northern Pennsylvania. Don’t see a flavor you would like? We can even create new flavors by request.

We invite you to come in and sample all of our products, just be sure to try the 25 Star Traditional Balsamic first! This isn’t the Balsamic found in your local grocery but a true Balsamic imported from Modena Italy. It is smooth, sweet and thick enough to pour as a topping over your ice cream dessert.

First, we have our producer provide us with a CoA (Certificate of Analysis) which includes chemical testing data showing that the product passed all the tests to qualify being labeled extra virgin. (This is where many of our competitors stop)

We then go one step further and have our importer supply a sample of each batch to an independent testing lab here in the United States. These samples are tested to verify it meets or exceeds the criteria required to qualify for extra virgin olive oil label to be applied.

In addition, we have one final separate purity test – this testing is to make sure that there are no other oils beside olive oil in the sample. It is possible to pass the initial chemical test to qualify as extra virgin if other oils such as canola, sunflower, hazelnut, etc. have been blended in. This is one of the ways unscrupulous vendors try to lower their costs and increase their profits.

All of our base extra virgin olive oil is produced in Tunisia by their largest producer of EVOO.

We are glad to offer copies of all the CoAs and Independent Testing documents, by request for our customers.


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