Caramelized Balsamic-Red Onion Soup

Who doesn't like French Onion Soup? If you've ever made it at home, you know it takes forever. Try this simple recipe and enjoy your soup in less than an hour.
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Perfect for a Fall Day, this take on the classic French Onion Soup will work with almost any flavor of our Balsamic selection. We chose to use Avocado Oil for it’s light freshness and it’s ability to cook at higher temperatures.

Caramelized Onion Soup Recipe Bundle

This recipe bundle comes with all of the spices, oil and vinegar used in the recipe. Choose from Small (1 Batch) or Large (3-4 Batches).

Kit includes:

Avocado Oil
Caramelized Onion Dark Balsamic
Vintage Merlot Sea Salt
Pennsylvania Pepper Blend

Additional Ingredients you'll need to supply (NOT included in kit):

Butter, Red Onions, Soy Sauce, Prepared Mustard, Beef Broth, French Bread and Gruyere Cheese

Oil and Spice Company

Oil and Spice Company

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