Grilled Balsamic Steak

Have you ever wondered how to get that great crust on your grilled steaks without overcooking it? Well, wonder no more! Adding a light coating of Dark Balsamic before throwing that steak on the grill will be your secret weapon. The natural sugars in the Balsamic will jump start the caramelizing process.

This method will also lock in the juices and reduce cooking time so keep a thermometer nearby so you don’t overcook that beautiful piece of meat.

We like our steaks medium rare but you can adjust the cooking time to your liking. This recipe does not tell you how to actually grill your steaks, we love using a charcoal grill but this rub works with propane also. We have included a temperature guide at the end of the recipe for reference.


1 Steak that’s at least 1″ thick. (Any cut of meat will do, we like Ribeye or Porterhouse)

2 TBS Logan’s Choice Steak Rub

Pennsylvania Pepper Blend to Taste

1 TBS Roasted Chile and Garlic EVOO (Garlic EVOO, Shallot and Garlic EVOO or Harissa EVOO also work very well)

2 TBS Bourbon Dark Balsamic (Virtually any flavor of Dark Balsamic work well)


Rub 1/2 TBS of your preferred Extra Virgin Olive Oil on each side of the meat. (1 TBS in total)

Rub 1 TBS of Logan’s Choice Steak Rub on each side of the meat. (2 TBS in total)

Let the meat rest in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour to give the spices time to absorb.

Rub 1 TBS of Dark Balsamic on each side of the meat. (2 TBS in total)

Apply Pennsylvania Pepper Blend to taste to each side of the meat, do NOT rub in, just let it sit.

Let your steak come to room temperature before putting it on the grill.

Steak Doneness Guide

Rare – 120F

The steak has cool-to-warm red center, and soft, tender texture. This is an excellent choice for leaner steaks like top sirloin or filet mignon that don’t have as much fat to melt.

Medium Rare -130F

Steak will have warm red center – perfect steak texture with a nice brown crust. Cooking to medium rare allows the fat (marbling in the steak) to render and add buttery, rich flavors to your steak. This is the ideal doneness for a juicy, flavorful steak.

Medium – 140F

The steak will have a hot pink center and slightly firmer texture. The longer cooker time will make your steak slightly drier and the bite less tender.

Medium Well -150F

The steak will have a mostly brown center and firm texture. The meat will be drier as water evaporates during the cooking process.

Well Done – 160+F

The steak will have no color left, will be very firm and much drier. The meat loses fat and moisture as it cooks, resulting in a dry, tougher texture. We don’t recommend cooking to this doneness.

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