Juiciest Turkey Ever!

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This is how we like to prepare our Holiday Turkey, this isn’t so much a recipe as it is some helpful tips for making the most perfectly juicy bird possible. By preparing your bird this way, you can still cook it any way that you prefer. We simply cook it in the oven using an oven probe which is important because a brined Turkey will cook up to 30 minutes faster. If you choose to use an oven bag, it will cook even faster but these methods can be used with or without the use of a bag.

Stuff or not to stuff? We prefer to stuff our Turkey with a homemade stuffing while it cooks, it helps to keep the moisture in and add extra flavor.


Brining is the best way to ensure a perfectly moist turkey. Our unique blend of spices will add delicious flavor to your turkey. You can make the brine up to 2 days before and you should plan to brine your bird for at least 24 hours before cooking.

*TIP 1: Our Brine calls for a Gallon of Water, we prefer to use Vegetable Stock for added flavor.

*TIP 2: Line a 5 gallon bucket with a Turkey Bag before lowering the bird into the liquid. This will allow you to seal the bag in case you don’t have a refrigerator large enough to store the bucket overnight. Since it’s typically cold enough outside around Thanksgiving, we store our bucket in the garage overnight with the bag sealed. You can also put some ice in the bottom of the bucket between the bucket and the bag to keep it nice and cool without contaminating the brine.

How to get that CRISPY SKIN

It is very important to get the skin of the Turkey extra crispy. Not only does it taste amazing, it is key to keeping the meat juicy. Olive Oil is a perfect way to get that skin to brown evenly and quickly.

Citrus flavors go hand in hand with Poultry but you don’t have to be traditional, we have some alternative flavors that will make your Turkey stand out from the rest.

Once you pick the right flavor for you, just rub the entire bird bird down before putting it in the oven.

Alternative Suggestions

Dare to be different, fruit flavors will leave just an essence of the flavor on the skin to give your bird a truly unique taste that will leave your guests wondering how you pulled it off.


For an extra flavor boost, you can lightly season the skin with one of our unique spice blends.

Oil and Spice Company

Oil and Spice Company

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