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Korean Grilled Pork Chops

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Simple yet delicious alternative to the same old chops. Works well with any kind of chops, just try and plan ahead to allow the marinade time to do it’s thing. Marinating overnight is best but you could get away with just a few hours.

Serve with Mashed Potatoes or Steamed Broccoli.



  • In a medium size bowl whisk together the olive oil, soy sauce, honey, garlic, ginger, sesame oil and sriracha sauce.
  • Pour over pork chops and let marinade overnight or at least 60 minutes.
  • When ready to cook, get your grill nice and hot.
  • Add pork chops, without marinade, and cook for about 5 minutes for the first side, or until it gets a nice brownish color. Flip the chops and cook another 5 min.
  • Pour marinade in a pot and heat on medium high heat until boiling, stir in cornstarch mixed with a little water and stir until thickened.
  • Let chops rest, serve with sauce on the side.