LoMein with a Twist

This LoMein is light and refreshing compared to traditional take-out. This recipe works with any protein or none at all!
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Our Soy Sauce is considerably lower in sodium than most traditional soy sauces and adds a unique flavor. The trick is to prep all of your ingredients first, because the cook time is very short.

Because LoMein is a versatile dish, we are going to list some of our favorite things to use, but you can substitute most of the noodles, vegetables and proteins for what you can find or prefer.

You can save some time by buying pre-cut vegetables and choice of protein but we don’t suggest using jarred or canned items because they add unwanted sodium and simply don’t taste fresh. If you don’t own a Wok, you can use a large skillet.

The trick to Chinese cooking is that the actual cooking process is very quick so you need to plan out when each ingredient has to be added to the Wok.


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