London Broil Reboot

Not sure what to do with leftover London Broil? This recipe was submitted by Tom Barnes via our Recipe Sweepstakes. Very simple and unique way to make a quick dinner from your leftover steak!

Submitted by: Tom Barnes

London broil can get dried out reheating. This keeps it moist and adds a different flavor all together. Plus, quick n easy.


Olive oil infused with butter
Dark balsamic vinegar(caramelized onion)
Green bell pepper
Sweet onion
Fresh pepper n salt to taste
Thin sliced cooked London broil


Lightly saute green pepper and onion in olive oil. Then add sliced meat and drizzle balsamic over top. Stir occasionally. When meat is warm or to desired temp. Serve all together

Suggestions from the Oil and Spice Company

This recipe is great as it was submitted, the flavors pair very well. To add a little more flavor, try Garlic Butter EVOO and Pennsylvania Pepper Blend to reduce the sodium a little.

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