Golden (White) Balsamic Vinegar

Golden Balsamic also known as White Balsamic works well in salad dressings or in dishes that contain lighter colored proteins such as Chicken or Fish. Alone, the vinegar can add notes of acidity when sprinkled over roasted or fried meats, or when added to a marinade.

Golden balsamic vinegar originates from the same region of Italy as traditional dark balsamic vinegar. To make traditional dark balsamic, must from Trebbiano grapes is cooked for many hours to create a caramelized syrup, which is then aged to create the vinegar. Golden balsamic is instead created by cooking white grape must — pressings — under high pressure or at very low heat to prevent the deep coloring that occurs with caramelization. Instead of aging the vinegar for years, golden balsamic is put in oak barrels or stainless steel for only a year to prevent color changes.