Pineapple Paradise with Habanero SWEET DRAGON Balsamic Soy Sauce


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Our own white balsamic vinegar combined with soy sauce and delicious natural flavors makes this a versatile all-around sweet/salty/umami blend for seafood, veggies, pork… this is a great alternative to teriyaki sauce.

It’s so easy to use…

  • Marinade veggies or pretty much any protein
  • Use as a dressing for an Asian slaw or noodle salad
  • Saute shishito peppers or sugar snap peas
  • Toss into your Chinese fried rice with freshly chopped pineapple for a bit of sweetness
  • Heat in a saute pan just to point of caramelization to create a delicious sauce
  • Make Asian burgers or meatballs by mixing into ground beef or turkey
  • Let your imagination run wild!

Pineapple Passion with Habanero flavor combines our white balsamic with soy sauce and natural pineapple flavor.

Ingredients: White balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, natural pineapple flavor and habanero powder.

COMPARE OUR’S to your favorite store variety.With only 461mg of Sodium per Tablespoon, it’s lower than even the Light versions on the shelf!



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