Supreme Pizza Lover’s Seasoning


Our Pizza Seasoning is incredibly versatile, and is useful at any stage of cooking. If you are making pizza at home, mix some of this blend into your pizza dough for an out of this world tasting pizza crust. Add one tablespoon of seasoning to two cups of tomato sauce for a more flavorful sauce. Or sprinkle it on top after the pizza is done cooking. This blend isn’t just for pizza, either. You can mix with breading for great chicken parmesan or oven-baked pork chops, or add to spinach dip. Mix in your meatloaf, and this would make a great flavor base for a veggie-packed minestrone or tortellini soup. Whip in with goat cheese for unforgettable crostini.

INGREDIENTS: Garlic, oregano, red bell pepper, onion, pepper flakes, basil, thyme, fennel, parsley, and marjoram.


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