Spanish Smoked Hot Paprika


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The chiles that produce La Vera Smoked Hot Paprika are Nora chiles that grow in the same way as other chiles. They require lots of water, space to grow, and sunshine. This region of Spain is famous for its chiles and paprika because the mild climate and generous rainfall produces some of the best chiles available for paprika making. Nora chiles ripen on the vine and turn red over time, after they grow out of their green stage. They are picked from the vine by hand and then smoked in small smokehouses over the course of two weeks. The smokehouses are maintained to keep the smoke alive- these chiles are never dried over a direct flame. The chiles are flipped by hand once a day by farmers and their families who come to ensure the smoke is still rising and the chiles are drying on schedule. The wood used in the drying process must be oak or else the paprika is not considered to be in the La Vera style. Once they have dried, they are pulverized into this delicious, deeply red paprika.


Our Smoked Paprika Hot (also called picante) is a Spanish Paprika that has been smoked the traditional way – without the short cuts often found in the larger commercial paprika productions. Freshly harvested ripe red pimento peppers are dried in low-lying, adobe smoke houses that are heated by smoking grills fired with slow-burning oak planks (this is also known as cold smoked). Next it is on to a repeated grinding between stones which results in its signature silky smooth texture.

The end result is a deep, dark earthy red color with a touch of heat (about 500 – 1,000 on the Scoville Heat Units). Now don’t think of this as a “burn your face off” type of heat like you might get with some chiles. This is more of a seductive heat that draws you in. Its characteristic dark red color spreads evenly throughout any dish.

Our Smoked Paprika (Hot) is complex, rich and smoky with slightly pungent undertones.

Paprika is used mainly to add coloring and some flavoring to a dish and is popular in the cuisines of Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Morocco, Portugal, South Africa, Serbia, Spain, Romania and Turkey.

Smoked Paprika adds an authentic flavor to Spanish style paellas. It’s also a key ingredient in Spanish chorizo sausage and lomo pork loin. In American cuisine Smoked Paprika has recently become a secret ingredient used to season pork barbecues, chicken kebabs, and hearty beef and lamb stews. Some of the other creative ways to use Smoked Paprika – tomato soup, guacamole dip, smoked paprika butter or add to vinaigrette for your salad.

Paprika partners well with allspice, caraway, cardamom, garlic, ginger, oregano, parsley, pepper, rosemary, saffron, thyme and turmeric.

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