Year Round BBQ Ribs – Instant Pot

Fall off the bone BBQ ribs all year round, sound impossible? All you need is an Instant Pot and a Broiler. Don't forget to make your own BBQ Sauce for an amazing flavor you won't get anywhere else.
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Now we know the die hard BBQ enthusiasts are going to skoff at this recipe but if you have a craving for ribs in the winter, this is the best way to get them. We suggest applying the dry rub the night before or in the morning but you can get away with doing it at least an hour before your going to cook for a last minute meal that tastes like you spent all day.

Honestly, we’ve made these ribs in the summer also. The meat falls off the bone as if they were on the grill for the entire day.

Make your own BBQ Sauce!

Make this recipe while the ribs are cooking, you won't regret it and it's easier than you think.

How long to cook ribs in the instant pot or pressure cooker:

  • Baby Back Ribs: 25-30 Minutes
  • Spare Ribs: 30-35 Minutes

The longer you cook them, the more “fall-off-the-bone tender they will be. If you want them tender, without falling off the bone, use a slightly lower cook time.

Any 6qt or larger Instant Pot will work!

Some ribs may still have the white, shiny membrane connective tissue on the back (bone side) of the ribs. Check to make sure the membrane on your ribs has been removed and if it hasn’t, follow these steps to remove it:

  • Just flip the ribs so the top (meaty part) is face down. 
  • Slide your fingers or a butter knife under the membrane and rip it off.
  • No special skills needed, just use your fingers to yank it up and off the ribs.
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